[EN] Inaugural Manifesto

Crítica Desapiedada Website arose as an initiative stem from discussions among individuals who have a common interest: the expansion of cultural struggle in a revolutionary perspective. It is, therefore, a tool for revolutionary propaganda in virtual spaces that aims to contribute to the advancement of revolutionary consciousness and the access to self-managing education. But how would this cultural struggle be defined?

Its meaning points out to class struggle at society’s cultural level. Thus, cultural struggle permeates every social classes and these fight each other to express their political perspectives in the quest of political hegemony. This struggle, in the revolutionary perspective we adopt, occurs in various different forms: propaganda, theory, artistic events, criticism, etc., which are materialized in leaflets, books, music, poetry, internet usage, magazines, etc.

The perception and the analysis of cultural struggle’s significance is effected by the revolutionaries showing the need of its development not only on revolutionary periods, but also in times of debacle, paving an antiestablishment culture which, afterwards, with the intensification of class struggle, will collaborate for the advancement of the fighting proletariat’s conscioussness on a more accelerate way.

The way in which we intend to contribute with all this process is as from the ruthless criticism of the existent order as put by Karl Marx in his letter to Arnold Ruge. Ruthless criticism seeks to explain and to criticize the totality of capitalist society. In this sense, it’s not about a certain aspect of this society, but its totality, all its determinations that contribute to exploitation, domination, opression, psychic misery and other forms of destructiveness of the human being. Thus, criticism is not here thought in itself, let alone only in its negative aspect. Revolutionary criticism is, simultaneously, denying and affirmative. Denier of the present misery in our society and affirmative of a radically distinctive society that takes us to the emancipation of the human being, the end of human prehistory.

Therefore, the ruthless criticism, in this website, will manifest itself in the most various diverse produced texts, translations, podcast episodes, videos, reading references, dossiers on relevant topics and activists, online study groups, among other initiatives which may be developed. It is a collective work that begins and intends to develop itself alongside its existence, but always keeping its essence which is its revolutionary character, with no concessions.

Thus, we start the works of this new enterprise with the belief that the old mole of revolution digs tirelessly, day and night, until it comes to daylight.

Translated by Alexandre Guerra.

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